Today, most everyone is looking for a business that perhaps the recession is not going to affect. Is the cleaning industry a recession proof business for you? In doing your research, you may be interested in this business because clean environments are on the mind of everyone. This industry encompasses many different kinds of business. The list is endless. A commercial window cleaning business may be of interest to you. How many office buildings are there that need their windows kept clean? A high rise office building needs to have clean windows, not only for their image but also for windows that will let in light.

There are so many formerly popular companies that are being hit so hard by the current state of economics. Is The Cleaning Industry A Recession Proof Business? This seems to be the question that so many people want to know the answer to. If you read further, we will attempt to answer it while explaining the current state of the industry.

Still a Necessity, Even in Hard Times

cleaning womanIt is very hard for anybody to deny the very simple fact that even if businesses are selling as much product as they used to, they still need to hire somebody to come in a properly clean their buildings, or they could lose what little bit of business that they have. This is the reason that the cleaning industry manages to survive in an economy like this.

Furthermore, even non-commercial services tend to thrive, even in hard times.  The people that tend to book a home service with Simply Maid, or some other service, usually are well-off, enough so that a economic downturn won’t hurt them as much.  They will likely maintain their monthly expenditures even in the face of hard economic times.

There are some differences as to how the client companies expect to do business with cleaning crews, however. Because of the economy, they expect to pay less than they previously did for such services. Some cleaning companies are making more money than before because they are offering such discounted rates and doing more work.

Potential Negotiations

If a cleaning company is doing business with a company that is very reluctant to pay their old standard rates, this cleaning company needs to be quite careful. The cleaning service needs to try and convince the client they should instead cut costs by buying cheaper chemicals for the service to use, instead of trying to cut costs through the actual labor and service that is rendered.

Many people refuse to acknowledge the fact that these cleaning companies are surviving in the grips of a nasty recession. Many studies are very hard to dispute. It is a high level of importance to note the fact that every major study shows these companies at a steady growth, even in the grips of recession.
Even though this type of business is still a necessity, it is important to note that there are certain negative elements of doing business with clients that can be attributed to the weak economy. Keep in mind that customers might be willing to pay, but not necessarily on time. This issue and many like it are constantly being seen within the industry.

In closing, while the economy is quite harsh, you should now know the answer to the question: “Is the cleaning industry a recession proof business?”. It does seem to be recession proof, and maybe now you can better understand why.