The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make a website achieve visibility online by helping it rank higher in search results. Local SEO is a collection of practices that help websites be visible in local search results. This is a significant part of any digital marketing effort that seeks to promote a business within its locality. Its importance and thus the interest of businesses in it is hinged on the fact that a large percentage of searches on the search engine king, Google, are local. A large percentage of those searches result in customers visiting a local store within the day. For this reason, many businesses realize the benefits of investing in local SEO. However, without doing it right, a business can lose out on these benefits. Here are mistakes that can make your Sacramento local SEO efforts not work for your business.

NAP Information

Name, Address, and contact number (NAP) is an essential component of local SEO. If these business details are missing online, your site might not rank highly on local search results. You also lose out on a large number of customers who could have contacted you.

Your NAP information must be available, consistent and accurate at all times. On top of displaying this information on your website, it should also be available on local directories, Internet-based yellow pages, your page on Google My Business, and on Yelp. Take care to update your company information at all online places any time there are changes to your NAP information. To improve your ranking on Google’s local search results, you also need to claim your My Business page as it impacts local rankings by a considerable percentage.

Your Google ‘My Business’ Page

This service by Google can be beneficial to a business if used correctly. If your NAP information is not accurate or consistent, refers to a place you are not located, or you pick the wrong category for your business; you can hurt your local ranking. Make sure this information is correct and be as specific as possible when specifying your business category. Don’t add too many categories and don’t have duplicate pages.

Local Reviews

One mistake businesses make is underestimating the importance of reviews, especially from your existing customers. Remind them to leave a review after you’ve provided the required service or product. You can also ask people and businesses you’ve dealt and who are familiar with your business to write genuine reviews too. This is crucial because good reviews can boost your local SEO standing considerably.

Ignoring Ranking Factors

There’s more to local SEO than the strategies mentioned above. There are technical and nontechnical aspects to look at and On-page and off-page factors to consider. Factors that tend to affect the ranking of a website include quality and relevance of content, backlinks, responsiveness, and loading speed. You need to make sure that your website meets the required standard based on these factors.
You should also establish a social media presence, do proper keyword research and selection, avoid keyword stuffing both in your content, do competitor analysis, focus more on topics, and avoid duplicating content across your web pages. If you are doing any of these mistakes, you need to make the necessary changes, and if you need help, the Sacramento SEO experts will assist you.