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In third world countries, looking for a safety water to serve as your drinking supply is a hard thing to do.

Loan Firm

Money is needed by many people to buy their needs and the needs of their family. Considering the option…

Supply Store

As convenience stores are so important, so is a supply store. A supply store that sells products for the house…


The business world is far too broad and wide to be engaged from a larger perspective. There are thousands of businesses that started with local business yet flourished and became successful at the end of the day.



The business world is far too broad and wide to be engaged from a larger perspective. There are thousands of businesses that started with local business yet flourished and became successful at the end of the day. Just making films and theater play, the main goal is to…


Slidell Chamber of Commerce has a professional team that consists of experienced business entrepreneurs and experts, who, in our long termed services and engagement in the business world, gives the best service and advice for beginners in this matter.


Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Many people don't know exactly how they should handle the idea of their "estate".  For the majority of people, such considerations are far off into the future.  However, as soon as you get a family, get a little older in age, and amass a little bit of money for...


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Business Spotlight – Master Plumbers and Mechanical Experts

Business Spotlight – Master Plumbers and Mechanical Experts

In many respects all businesses are the same, however as any business owner will tell you, each niche and sector has its quirks.  Today we look at plumbers and mechanical experts and see what differentiates them from other sectors, and what aspects you (as a consumer) should take into consideration when choosing the experts.

Here are some of the features of successful business owners and proprietors in the plumbing and mechanical field:

Licensed and Bonded

Whenever dealing with plumbers or home improvement experts, it’s very important to make sure they are both licensed (either by the state or locality) as well as bonded/insured.  Sometimes this is a legal requirement, say, if you are using insurance money to pay for repairs.  Other times its just good sense, as you need a backstop in case something goes horribly awry.

Luckily this information is not hard to find.  Most states/localities have search functionality to locate a licensed professional, and professionals usually tout their credentials (such as printing their license number on the side of their truck).

Competitive Prices

Different experts will have their rates for the services, for you to be assured of quality services you should always carry out your own research from where you will get to know whether the professionals whom you are about to hire can offer you quality services at fair rates. A quick comparison of quotes from different plumbers and mechanics will enable you know whether a given group of plumbers whom you are about to hire.

High Quality Services

You should look for a professional who will offer you quality services at fair rates, including plumbers. It is hard for you to know whether a given group of experts will offer you quality services, but you can carry out enough research for you to know whether a given company will deliver quality services. Among the methods you can use to know whether a particular group of experts offer quality services is to check out reviews which other people have offered online. Professionals who have good reviews from past clients will be the best for you to hire if you will like to be assured of quality services.

Fast Turnaround Time

You may experience emergency plumbing services where you will like to have quick services. It is possible for you to achieve quick response if you hire experts who have a good reputation in responding to emergency within a short period. The best way for you to go about it is to call and ask whether they can serve you in a given period. The best professionals should answer your call and let you know whether you can access their services within a short period.

Good Reputation and Quality Reviews

It is possible for you to know whether a given group of professionals can offer you quality services after you check the reviews which other people offer about the experts. Experts will generally have a good reputation, although the world of online reviews can sometimes be shady.

We spoke with Josh at 24hourplumber.nyc about his experience with online reviews:

“For the most part, we’ve done great with out reputation.  When we do good work, people are more than happy to give us good feedback.  Especially in the emergency plumbing business, a lot of times people are under a lot of stress and need something handled, and we step in to handle it, and they are very thankful.

“Of course, sometimes things can get shady.  We’ve had competitors leave fake negative reviews, or report our legitimate reviews as fake, or even try to overtake our online listings.  My best advice to a consumer is to read reviews with a critical eye, if something seems fake, it probably is”.

You should as well check on the availability of warranty. A company which will offer you a warranty will be in a better position of offering you quality services you deserve.

Do You Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

Many people don’t know exactly how they should handle the idea of their “estate”.  For the majority of people, such considerations are far off into the future.  However, as soon as you get a family, get a little older in age, and amass a little bit of money for yourself, the questions start to pile up.

  • Should I have a will?
  • What type of insurance should I have?
  • What will happen to my business if I pass away?

All of these are valid questions, and by no means are we lawyers or qualified to give any legal advice, but there are some general guidelines to help you make your own decisions.

We spoke with on NYC estate planning lawyer at Estate Lawyer NYC, and he mentioned a few things to keep in mind (this is again, not official legal advice, so use at your own risk):

Firstly, you don’t necessarily need a will.  For the most part, your possessions will pass to your next of kin without much complication.  It’s not like the boogeyman is going to snatch up your life savings.  Wills are handy in more complex situations, or where you might want to favor one family member over another.

Secondly, not all estate planning has to do with a will.  It may be that you have medicaid and medicare considerations for yourself, or more commonly for your parents or elderly family members.

Thirdly, most peoples anxiety around estate planning has to do with what happens to their family when they pass away.  For this, you will probably be better off getting some life insurance, rather than worrying about estate planning and wills.

Cloud Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses – What You Need to Know

Cloud Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses – What You Need to Know

Any small business owner will understand that unless they are fans of accounting tasks, bookkeeping is not a walk in the park. However, any business that wants to live past its first few months of life needs to have the bookkeeping done professionally and diligently. Balancing spreadsheets, while doable, can take a heavy toll on any small business that doesn’t have room for an in-house accountant.

So, what’s the best solution?

Money Management Services

Your small business needs the accounts handled, regardless of who’s doing it. Without accounting tasks being done, you will end up in a mess where your money is concerned. However, there is a solution for the small business owner who has no room for a full-time accountant (or even a part-time one).

Cloud bookkeeping! Specifically, Xero bookkeeping software to facilitate your cloud bookkeeping. Xero accounting software provides all accounting services through the app which works across all devices. This means you can take your office wherever you go. You won’t have to carry tones of information around in a flash drive either. This is the beauty of cloud computing. The dedicated server stores that for you, and uses the information whenever you need to perform any accounting task.

Accounting Made Simple

Xero bookkeeping application offers simplified accounting every small business owner would love. From reconciliations to bank statement analysis, Xero accounting software provides simplified solutions for complex processes. For example, Xero allows you to reconcile your bank transactions through a single click. It’s that easy! Anyone who knows the tedious task that is the reconciliation process! What’s more, you can do this from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection. You can also track your cash flow from wherever you are, giving you the ultimate control over your finances. You get to understand your cash flow position in real time, giving you the chance to make necessary decisions in a timely manner. You to involve your business advisor (facilitated by Xero, of course!) and you can collaborate on finding solutions. You also get to share these findings with your team, in a bid to know where more work needs to be done.

Streamline Your Office Operations

Your office needs a streamlined flow of information and ideas. That’s why Xero accounting software allows. Your Xero mobile application also facilitates reconciliation of invoices, the creation of expense claims and even sending invoices to clients. You also get to know when the clients see open their invoice mail! There will be no reason for your payments to be delayed because of disparity in communication, and you can be assured of better cash flow. Talk about real-time solutions!

Experience the Best of Accounting Software

If you aren’t sure about purchasing Xero accounting software, you can start with a free trial for a limited period. Here, you get to try out the powerful Xero features for your business so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing an automated accounting assistant. You can let your staff try it out, and they will enjoy a world of the difference made in their working environment.

Business Development Consulting Services

Business Development Consulting Services

Commercial business development consulting services are the services offered by specialist consultants that help develop your company. There are many companies which offer these programs, some of which are national. Others are more local or individuals specializing in this sector. Some large multi-national companies even have their own in-house consultants for this purpose. They cover all types of businesses in all sectors. They range widely in prices but generally depend on the level of involvement you require.

The role of these consultants is to focus on the growth of the company by analyzing potential areas of development. They will then implement and monitor those projects, normally working closely with departments sales, marketing and production, if applicable.

These consultants normally come from a background in financial management, investment banking or management consulting. Their skill sets generally include a mixture of strategy, legal, finance, marketing, change management and sales.

As there is no definite description for what commercial business development covers, it can include marketing management, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Many consultants now also include some level of social media management.

The consultant will work to analyze the model of the company and devise a plan for growth and progression. This plan will take into consideration many different aspects of the company’s operations and provide a set of steps to take to implement the growth that is needed. The plan must be adaptable to allow the company to react to adjustments in the marketplace. It is necessary for a company to allow for maneuver and updating of their progress. A company which does not seek to develop, will fall behind it competitors or even fail.

For company’s setting up or expanding the advice of business development consulting services can be very helpful. In these difficult trading times for many companies their advice and planning will be essential.

Learn how to make an Efficient Workplace with Ergonomic Computer Equipment

Learn how to make an Efficient Workplace with Ergonomic Computer Equipment

Are you looking for a way to improve productivity in your workplace as well as the quality of your products? You can improve productivity in your workplace through the establishment and improve ergonomic processes in your place of work. In fact, most leading companies integrate ergonomic deeply in their operations.

What is workplace ergonomics?

Workplace ergonomics is the science of the workplace while putting into accounts the capabilities and limitation of every worker. Poor workplace ergonomics leads to fatigued, hurting workers and frustration, which lower workers performance and lower productivity in the workplace. Systematic ergonomic improvement helps to reduce risk factors that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and help to improve workers performance and productivity. Through workplace ergonomic improvement, you eliminated barriers and ensure maximum safety in the workplace.

The importance of applying ergonomics in the workplace

Guidelines for an ergonomic workstation.

Guidelines for an ergonomic workstation.

Properly designed and equipped work environment is an important priority of every company. The most organization relies on a computer for designing products and controlling production processes. The sedentary nature of a dedicated computer work, the fast working pace and the long work hours can lead to musculoskeletal strain. This can lead to stress-related problems that can result in absenteeism and insurance claims.

Making an Efficient Workplace

Ergonomic designs help to boost the productivity in the workplace, improve morale, and reduce the number of absenteeism as well as lower medical costs. Start by analyzing the current computer work environment of different workers. Check whether lighting temperatures and ventilation are adequate. Are communication devices adequate and accessible? How is the floor and storage area of the workplace? The best way of gaining insight of the worker’s environment is to observe, evaluate and review various maintenance records. The settings of the computer hardware can also impact the productivity of the worker. Large workstations, PCs, printers, monitors and peripheral devices may crowd the place. Here are some of the ways of improving economic of your workplace:

Improve the lighting

Studies show that standard lighting is too bright for a computer environment and suggest that a level range of between 25 to 75-foot candles is good for a computer area. Overhead lighting and natural light can also lead to reflected glare from computer screens, leads to distractions, eyestrains, and even neck pain.

Temperature Control

Office thermostat for efficient workplace

The plight of office thermostats are known by many, but having stable, comfortable temperatures is crucial to an efficient workplace.

High temperatures and inadequate ventilation are some of the most reported and frequent workplaces complaints. While designing computer working area, keep in mind that computers generate a lot of heat. To improve ventilation and temperature condition in the working area, use cooling and heating systems to control the temperature of the office. You also need to periodically inspect and clean ductwork.


You need to provide proper furniture that matches operators’ needs to help enhance productivity, comfort, and safety. Design, shape, and size of the furniture should match the needs of the user. If flexibility is necessary, the freestanding unit can be the best choice. Consider the needs of the operator such as storage, work surface, and accessories.

Computer Equipment

One of the most commonly cited reasons for workplace discomfort and/or repetitive stress disorder is the computer equipment (including desk and chairs) that make up the workstation.  It’s important to take ergonomics into account when it comes to all aspects of the workstation, including the computer chair, the computer keyboard, a specially designed ergonomic mouse, of the height and shape of the desk. Standing desks are also becoming very popular, although you should be careful to alternate between sitting and standing.

Seating posture

The design of the chair determines the seating posture of the operator, which affects his comfort and productivity. If the work surface is fixed, then the chair should be adjustable to avoid various physical disparities between operator and keyboard. Avoid buying a chair without checking properly. Ask your dealer to provide a sample first before buying the furniture.

Trends Impacting the Roofing Business in the US in 2018

Trends Impacting the Roofing Business in the US in 2018

Technology is touching every aspect of the construction industry including the roofing field. Though some of the trends expected to impact the roofing industry in 2017 are based on the decisions being made by homeowners and contractors, other have been pushed by the advancement in technology. 2017 will certainly be an interesting year for roofing, here are some of the roofing trends to expect.

1. Green roof

Green roofs also known as living roofs offer a way to grow vegetation and greenery on the roof. If you are looking for an eco-friendly roof and you are not planning to install solar panels, a green roof is a great option.

Green roofs are becoming more and more common with major cities such as D.C, Washington, Oregon and Portland offering incentive to install them. Smaller suburbs such as Staten Island and Brooklyn also showing trends towards green roofing.  This type of roof is a great option for anyone who wants a garden but does not have space on the ground. No matter your aesthetic, it will be a cool thing to install in 2017. You can plant anything you like but grasses, flowers, self seeding plants are the easiest to maintain.

The technology of installing a green roof involves fixing a thick waterproof membrane to protect the home from water leaks and drainage system.

2. Solar Roofs Popular in Orlando, Florida and Other Areas in the South

Solar panels are growing in popularity throughout the Southern US, including hotbeds of Orlando, FL and New Orleans, LA.Solar Panel RoofingPreviously, the only way to get solar power in your home was by installing large blocks of solar panels on the roof or on poles in a section of the yard that gets sunshine. While the energy saving offered by solar panels is great, the panels themselves were bulky and unappealing.

Today, instead of installing large solar panels on the roof of your home, roofing contractors can now install a stylish solar roof made entirely of solar panels. Since the roof is installed on all corners of the house, it continuously captures more energy and you do not have to worry about setting aside a section of your yard.

In 2017, we expect to see more of solar roofs in an attempt to save a few dollars on energy bill.

3. Roofing tiles

Though asphalt shingles are still quite popular as roofing material due to their ease of installation and low price, they have a shorter lifespan; about 7-15 years and they are adversely affected by climate change.

Roofing tiles are gaining massive popularity in 2017. This is because they are also affordable and are more appealing not to mention their durability- they can last anywhere between 20-25 years. However, they require structural support because they are quite heavy.

4. Slate Roofs

Asphalt shingles are in immediate danger of being completely replaced in 2017. This year, we expect to see less of asphalt and more of slate installed in homes. Slate is being preferred because it lasts longer than asphalt when taken care of properly and it has low maintenance cost.

5. Lighter Roofs

Roofs play a big role when it comes to reducing energy bills and keeping homes cool. A trend that began in mid 2016 and is expected to continue in 2017 is installing roofs made of lighter color materials. Dark asphalt make the house warmer by absorbing heat but lighter colors will reflect heat and make things easier on the ceiling fan and air conditioning unit.

Business Spotlight – Pharmaceutical Company Growth and Challenges

Business Spotlight – Pharmaceutical Company Growth and Challenges

There are several challenges which face pharmaceutical company growth. You should take your time and learn about the challenges if you will like to grow your pharmaceutical company. Just like any other business, you should learn about the challenges which face the company and look for ways of overcoming the challenges. There are several ways you can employ but you should always go for the best approaches which will make your business grow. It is always necessary for you to set aside time and carry out research on the industry so that you will know the best approaches you can employ for you to get rid of challenges which may be making your business fail to reach its potential.

Rising customer expectations

Pharmaceutical Company PillsCustomers expect more results from the pharmaceutical company. The high expectations makes them feel like they have not been satisfied fully which lead to the poor reputation of the pharmaceutical companies. For the customers to be fully satisfied, it is necessary for the companies to carry out outreach and inform potential clients of what they should expect after using products from the pharmaceutical companies.  The products should be well labeled so that customers will know how the drugs will interact with their bodies when trying to cure different ailments.

Poor scientific productivity

The research carried out by scientist may not meet the expectation of the current market. The poor experiments conducted by scientists does not offer the pharmaceutical companies the necessary data they need to provide the appropriate products which customers will need to solve different problems. The scientific team should employ the latest technology in their research so that they will deliver to their expectations. The pharmaceutical companies should as well invest more on scientific research so that they can get the necessary data they deserve to move on with their pharmaceutical production.

Lack of capital

The pharmaceutical companies need enough capital for them to be effective in their service delivery. There are cases where the companies lack enough money to explore different possibilities in the sector. There is enormous capital requirement for the companies to set up branches in different parts of the world. The challenge can be solved through invitation of more investors to the sector. There are areas where drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies need quick supply due to their short shelf life; the companies should invest well in their productivity.

Marketing strains

There are some parts of the world which require the drugs but they are unreachable due to different reasons. The locations may not be aware of the pharmaceutical products or there are other competitors in the field selling generic drugs. The marketing strategy of a given pharmaceutical company can make the company stagnant in its service delivery. You should always carry out research and employ the right marketing strategies if you like to achieve more in your marketing strategy. Try the latest technology which will enable you to reach the right people at the right time for your company to sell pharmaceutical products.


Business Spotlight – HVAC Sector Growth in Recent Years

Business Spotlight – HVAC Sector Growth in Recent Years

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have gained entry to many homes and business premises in the recent years. In fact, the sales of HVAC systems have been ever increasing since its introduction into the market. As the technology advances, the HVAC industry has changed tremendously. Also, the regulations and government policies have played a significant growth in the HVAC industry.

The heating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) industry has been influenced by the rise in the construction industry. The HVAV sales have recorded increased sales due to the rise in the new installations in the residential and commercial premises. For instance, the past five years has seen the boom in the construction industry due to the increase in economic activity.

Technology Plays a Big Role

Technology has been the leading driving factor on the growth of HVAC sector. In fact, this is one the fastest-growing technology sectors. As the competition increases, the manufacturers are forced to design more innovative HVAC systems to comply with the ever-changing standards.

Also, the emergence of internet technology has played a significant role in the growth of the HVAC sector. In the recent years, the manufacturers have manufactured HVAC systems that can be easily automated. This has enabled business owners to utilize smart ventilation systems, smart thermostats, and smartphone applications. In this case, the sector has recorded a tremendous growth as the Internet technology allows the business and home owners to manage the energy use.

Recent Changes in Marketing Tech

Mobile WEb Technology for HVAC Companies

HVAC companies have to keep up with the times and design good experiences across multiple devices.

Recently, most HVAC contractors have adopted the mobile technology to offer maintenance services to the customers. One such example of this is Turners Service Co Inc HVAC Company in Manassas Va, who recently revamped their website to offer a better experience to mobile users.  That is why the sector has recorded a sharp growth in 2016. In this case, the contractors now provide more efficient and personalized service to the customers. The number of HVAC contractors has tremendously increased. However, fitting new equipment requires expert knowledge in the industry. Therefore, the growth of HVAC sector has led to the introduction of specialized courses aimed at equipping technicians with the relevant skills for the job.

Moreover, the regulatory bodies have caused an impact in the HVAC industry. These HVAC regulatory bodies include GCC Standardization Council, LEED Certification and Arab Energy Efficient Building Regulations. In this case, the most manufacturers have complied with the regulations by designing energy efficient systems set the regulatory bodies.

The reports show that the global HVAC sector will continue to record substantial growth in the future. This is attributed to the projected growth of the global construction industry. Each HVAC company aims at dominating the global scene. On the other hand, the manufacturers will strive to develop better HVAC design to stay ahead in the competition.

The recent growth of HVAC sector has prompted many companies to invest in research and development of new products. The new designs will attain lower emissions, better energy ratings, and lower utility bills. Also, the increase in population will create a potential market for the HVAC products.


In the recent years, HVAC industry has witnessed an impressive growth in the number of sales around the world. Moreover, the HVAC manufacturers have constantly improved their products to comply with the stringent standards in the industry. The advancement of technology and increase in the construction sector has spurred the growth of HVAC industry in the recent years.

Community Oriented Businesses

Community Oriented Businesses

The business world is far too broad and wide to be engaged from a larger perspective. There are thousands of businesses that started with local business yet flourished and became successful at the end of the day. Just making films and theater play, the main goal is to gather the attention of the audience and satisfy their wants and need. In the world of business, this principle goes the same but with significantly increased importance.

In starting a business, you should take into matter what particular product you are going to sell that you think will gather the most customers and yield the highest profit. One important thing you should look on is the needs of your community. This will serve as the start of your business plan. Below are some of the examples of community-oriented businesses that might hit and prosper in your place.

Convenience Store

People in a community are much likely to adore having a convenience store in the parameter of their place. A convenience store is consists of goods like sodas, junk foods, bread, juices, and all other things about food that the people need. Having this in the community, the people no longer have to travel and go to malls or any grocery stores to buy their food needs. A convenience store as your business will surely be a successful business for communities with fewer stores and stalls.

Water Station

In third world countries, looking for a safety water to serve as your drinking supply is a hard thing to do. Mostly, tap waters in these countries cannot drink and are just for taking a bath and other water uses besides drinking. If you want to be successful in the business world, you should also try running a water station in your community. People will always choose what’s best for their family especially if it deals with health. Drinking water should be safe for consumption to avoid diseases.

Loan Firm

Money is needed by many people to buy their needs and the needs of their family.  Considering the option of running a loan firm in your community will be also is a successful hit in the business world.

Supply Store

As convenience stores are so important, so is a supply store. A supply store that sells products for the house or for schools and other stuff, rice, and other ingredients for cooking will hit the top of the business. The community will surely need a store that has everything.